09 September, 2013

How to make blogger accessible with naked domain without www


How to make your custom domain of blogspot blog access with domain or naked domain:

Step 1: please follow the instruction on the Google Blogger help page:

  1. Optional: You can also enter A-records, which links your naked domain (example.com) to an actual site (www.example.com). If you skip this step, visitors who leave off the "www" will see an error page.
  2. Optional continued: After completing Step 8, enter your domain name in the format example.com, and list the I.P. addresses shown below in the "A" section. You'll need to create four separate A-records which point to four different Google IPs.

    End of optional section

But only completing step 1, that is not enough:
Step2: Enable redirect naked domain to domain.

Go to blogger settings:  enabled the "Redirect yourdomain.com to www.yourdomain.com."

see screenshots:

In Godaddy DNS Manager panel:

In Blogger Manager panel:

Actually I did that by step2 then step 1. Anyway, it works.