28 May, 2014

SVN: How to merge branch back to trunk

What happens when you finally finish your work, though? Your new feature is done, and you're ready to merge your branch changes back to the trunk (so your team can enjoy the bounty of your labor). The process is simple. First, bring your branch in sync with the trunk again, just as you've been doing all along:
$ svn merge ^/calc/trunk
--- Merging r381 through r385 into '.':
U    button.c

$ # build, test, ...

$ svn commit -m "Final merge of trunk changes to my-calc-branch."
Sending        .
Sending        button.c
Sending        README
Transmitting file data ..
Committed revision 390.

After getting the latest trunk code, fix some conflicts, then you're ready to reintegration branch to trunk.

Note: Please checkout a clean copy trunk code from SVN, and operate on this trunk code. Please donot use the working trunk copy you used before.

Once you have a clean working copy of the trunk, you're ready to merge your branch back into it:
$ pwd

$ svn update  # (make sure the working copy is up to date)
At revision 390.

$ svn merge --reintegrate ^/calc/branches/my-calc-branch
--- Merging differences between repository URLs into '.':
U    button.c
U    integer.c
U    Makefile
 U   .

$ # build, test, verify, ...

$ svn commit -m "Merge my-calc-branch back into trunk!"
Sending        .
Sending        button.c
Sending        integer.c
Sending        Makefile
Transmitting file data ..
Committed revision 391.