15 June, 2014

How to use Mac Mini to simulate different networking: wifi, 3G,edge..etc..

When we develop apps, we need to consider about different networking condition.
But how to simulate it:

Here is my solution:
First, Enable internet shareing on Mac:
Go to System Perfernces -> Sharing -> Internet Sharing:
Make sure you [share your connection from Ethernet], and set WIFI as hotspot.
Set Network name, Channel, .....

Second, Install Network link Conditioner, please follow this link to install Network link conditioner. In short word, please go to -> Xcode -> Open developer tool -> More Developer tools -> Search "Network link Conditioner" -> download [Hardware IO Tools for Xcode] -> Install the Network link Conditioner.

Open your mobile phone, choose your Mac mini hotspot as your connected WIFI..Now it's time to test with your android / iOS / Windows apps.