03 September, 2014

Eclipse: Development tips including code template, formatter, keys, and content assistent.

Code Template:

Here I will focus on comments template:
Here is the sample for class comments:

Normally we only need to add comments for class and method:

 * FileName: ${file_name}
 * Description: 
 * Author: [your name]
 * Created Date: ${date} ${time}
 * Copyright (C)  Your company 2014
 * All Rights Reserved

 * Author: your name
 * Created date: ${date} ${time}
 * ${tags}

Note: please make sure your eclipse is using En-us language.
Go to eclipse.ini,
Add one line:


Content assistent:

add .abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz to auto activation triggers for java,
and prompt for xml.


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