13 August, 2015

Gradle Windows Instructions

******************* Windows Instructions *******************
First, head over to https://gradle.org/downloads/, and download the latest
version of Gradle. Note that we want the complete distribution. Next, we'll
unzip Gradle and move it to where we want it to live. Our recommendation is in
To tell Windows where to find Gradle, we need to add an environment variable.
Navigate to the Control Panel > System > Advanced system settings > Advanced >
Environment Variables... > System variables > New...
Set the variable name to: GRADLE_HOME Set the variable value to the location
you unzipped Gradle if you followed our suggestion it should be: C:\gradle-2.3
Then edit the PATH user variable by appending: ;%GRADLE_HOME%\bin
Your path will then look something like:
When you're done, run `gradle --version` to ensure the installation is
Finally, let's add a properties file to tell Gradle to use the daemon by
default. All we need to do is put a file named `gradle.properties` in
C:\Users\\.gradle, and add the line `org.gradle.daemon=true`.
******************* When you're done *******************
Once you've installed Gradle, you no longer need to use the wrapper script,
and you can simply use the `gradle` command. To see if Gradle was installed
successfully, try running
    $ gradle --version
To see the effect of the Gradle daemon, first run
    $ gradle --stop
to ensure the daemon is stopped, then run the `helloWorld` task using
    $ gradle helloWorld
and note how long it takes. Then run the `helloWorld` task again and see how
much faster the second run is.


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